Simplifying assessment of the JVP

JVP-ez makes it easy

Measuring the height of the Jugular Venous Pressure (JVP) is an important - and potentially tricky - component of the physical exam.  The JVP-ez is a first-of-its kind device that aims to simplify this task. Following identification of the biphasic pulsation of the JVP along the neck, the JVP-ez is positioned on the sternal angle and its vertically adjustable light line enables easy measurement of its height

An Unruly Method

Current assessment of JVP height requires the use of 2 rulers, a technique that is cumbersome and difficult to perform.  Owing to its impracticality, the “2-ruler method” is rarely used in routine practice, leading clinicians to predominantly rely on visual gestalt.  This has contributed to measurement of JVP height being notoriously inaccurate and poorly reproducible

Why JVP-ez?

Seamless measurement of JVP height enables students to focus on the often nuanced identification of the JVP’s biphasic impulse along the neck.  Through its integrated penlight, the JVP-ez also serves to facilitate its detection

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