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The JVP-EZ™ is a first of its kind device that simplifies the task of JVP assessment. Operated with a single hand, light lines are projected onto your patient’s neck enabling precise measurement of JVP height and a streamlined examination.


Follow the four simple steps to precisely measure the JVP

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Step 1

Identify the biphasic pulsation of the JVP using the penlight to create tangential lighting.

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Step 2

Vertically position the JVPez on the sternal angle. Press the power button to project a light line onto the neck.

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Step 3

Adjust the height of the line so that it corresponds with the height of the JVP.

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Step 4

Read the height from the graduated scale on the JVP.

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Clinically Approved

JVP-ez has been evaluated in a busy congestive heart failure clinic run by experienced clinicians.

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Advancing Clinical Assessment

Current assessment of JVP height requires the use of 2 rulers, a technique that is cumbersome and difficult to perform. Owing to its impracticality, the “2-ruler method” is rarely used in routine practice, leading clinicians to predominantly rely on visual gestalt. This has contributed to measurement of JVP height being notoriously inaccurate and poorly reproducible.


How did you come up with the idea?

Both Jason (Cardiology) and Andrew (Family & Emergency Medicine) regularly teach assessment of the JVP to medical students and residents. After years of watching students struggle with the two-ruler technique and seeing the high degree of variability of assessments on the wards, we decided to solve the challenge and develop an elegantly simple solution - One that you will be proud to own!

When will the device be available for purchase?

The JVPez is currently undergoing some final design modifications and clinical testing prior to being manufactured and ready for sales. It has been approved as a Class 1 device in Canada and willl be available in the fall of 2019. Approvals in the US and EU are pending. Please let us know if you are living and practicing medicine outside of these jurisdictions and we will do our best to secure approval in your region.

Is the green light line harmful if accidentally projected into my patient's eye?

No, not at all. The green line line is actually generated using a light emitting diode or LED and transformed into a line using a sophisticated optics. The JVPez does NOT use laser technology.

Any suggestions that will help me identify the biphasic waveform of the JVP?

Absolutely. Identifying the biphasic waveform that represents the top of the internal jugular vein is a challenging aspect of this examination. Several techniques include adjusting the angle of the patient higher or lower, applying the hepatojugular reflux, or using portable ultrasound are all very useful to help identify the venous pulsation. Please see our blog for more details.

I have an idea for an improvement to the clinical exam but am uncertain where I should start. Any advice?

Great to see that you are thinking about improving the practice of medicine. Please feel free to drop us an email and we would be happy to share our personal experiences and lessons learned with medical innovation.

What is the purpose of the bubble level?

The bubble level allows you to ensure that the device is vertical throughout measurement of the JVP. Maintaining the JVPez upright while adjusting the height of the light line is important to achieving an accurate measurement.


Meet our dedicated, multidisciplinary team of physicians and designers who are on a mission to advance the accuracy of clinical assessment.

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Dr. Andrew Smith

Co-Founder and CEO

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Dr. Jason Roberts

Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer

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Kathryn Lockhard

VP of Growth and Corporate Strategy

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Andrew ML Smith

Manager, Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs

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